Welcome to Font Icona

You will find here all the information necessary to get started with Font Icona and work with Font Icona icons in your projects.

Add Font Icona to Your Project

Font Icona provides its Web and Desktop fonts as a free service.
You can use it in any kind of project, although we encourage you to purchase a PRO license for commercial projects.
Use Font Icona CDN

On Websites

1. Add Font Icona CSS file to the head of your page templates or your project, where you want to add the icons.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.fonticona.com/v1.0/fonticona.min.css">

Or host it yourself by downloading Font Icona files and including them in your project.

2. Browse Font Icona icon library, find icons that you like and them to your project by copying the HTML code corresponding to that icon and pasting it in your project where you want it to appear.

<i class="fi fi-air-balloon"></i>

On Desktop

Download Font Icona files.
Unzip FontIcona.zip file, open the /fonts folder and install FontIcona.ttf file.
After installation, copy the glyph of the icons you want to use and paste them into the desired desktop programs, like Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Word, and more.
After pasting the glyph in the desktop program, make sure to set the font family of the glyph to Font Icona.

Font Icona SVG Files

To download Font Icona SVG files you need to have a PRO subscription.
After subscribing to the PRO version, you will be given access to download the Font Icona SVG files.